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Garle latest UV lamp power supplies to replace traditional transformer 查看更多商业新闻 >>

G6000 is high efficiency power supply for UV curing industry which base on a newly developed open drive platform; With dedicated ARM chip for frequency conversion and advanced PID power control algorithms, it realizes rapid power adjustment and auto-compensation rated output power guarantees output power constant and step-less adjustable; Output energy is still stable even if the network voltage fluctuates within a certain range. G6000 meets various kinds load of UV lamp applications.
Printing Industry, Woodworking Industry, Rubber and plastic industry, metal-ware industry, electronic industry and various painted surface with UV coating and fast curing industry.
Product Feature:
1.High Frequency square wave technology--15KHz output of high frequency square wave increases more than 20% output of UV energy comparing with traditional UV transformer which can work in flash mode to reduce energy consumption;
2.Power AM technology--Output power is 10%-100% step-less adjustable, and only needs 10% power for long term standby;
3.SCM dynamic control technology--Higher conversion efficiency, auto recognize running voltage and current of UV lamp, auto adjust UV lamp operation parameter and match various kinds UV lamp(Mercury lamp, metal halide lamp, iodine gallium lamp and other specialty UV lamps );
4.High speed IGBT and soft-switching technology--Fast responding time which only needs 10mS from standby to full power output;
5.Phase balance technology--Power factor 97% and no surge current;
6.Ergonomic LCD operation panel--Lock and unlock keyboard and parameter, upload and download parameter and reduce workload which make debugging easier.
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