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Garle latest UV LED driver 查看更多商业新闻 >>

LUV series is UV LED AC-DC driver which can operate at an input voltage of 100~305VAC and provide a variety of model with different output rated voltage. Its efficiency is up to 93% and it adopts fan-less design which can work under the natural cooling in -40℃~+90℃shell temperature. The metal shell and the IP67/IP65 high protection class design make the LUV series suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. LUV series is equipped with a variety of functional options to provide optimal design flexibility for mechanical supporting and system integration.

Product Feature:
1.Constant current+constant voltage output, build-in active PFC function;
2.Metal shell grounded, fan-less design;
3.No-loading/standby power < 0.5W;
4.IP67/IP65 protection class, indoor and outdoor applicable;
5.Optional function: output internal potentiometer adjustment, 3-in-1 dimming(dim-to-off), intelligent timing dimming, communication dimming;
6.RS485 communication interface support Modbus RTU communication for start/stop control, dimming control and read status parameter, etc.;
External terminal start/stop and terminal feedback state parameter function can meet with all kinds of requirements of mechanical supporting and system integration.
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