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A Guide to Which Water System Purification Method Gives You More For Your Money 查看更多商业新闻 >>

A system filter, shower filters, or sink water filter should also be examined separately. But keep in mind they we are evaluating the whole house filter along side the purification systems.
When it comes to cost, a carbon water filter cartridge is your best bet. At less than 10 cents per gallon, you will be able to enjoy fresh, clean water. In comparison, distillation will cost you 20 to 26 cents per gallon and reverse osmosis will cost you 18 to 24 cents per gallon.
Maybe you've wondered if these cartridges are environmentally unsound to use. These days many people are increasingly concerned about lessening their ecological footprints and it also applies when choosing a home filter.
The cartridge has to reverse osmosis be replaced but quite infrequently. Furthermore, you can have the cartridges recycled if you'd like. On the other hand, distillation and reverse osmosis systems waste up to 2 to 3 gallons per gallon of water they produce.
When it comes to producing clean, healthy water, a carbon water filter cartridge is also your best bet. Carbon filter cartridges remove both organic and synthetic chemicals from tap or well water without removing the beneficial trace minerals.
The problem with other water system purification methods like reverse osmosis and distillation is that they produce de-mineralized water. Studies show that in order to maintain good health and prevent disease, you must drink mineral water.
Now that you are armed with this information, shop wisely and carefully for the whole house water filter you decide on. On all fronts, a carbon water filter cartridge will deliver you the most results for your money. So get out there and start shopping around for a carbon water filter cartridge so you and your family can have access to safe, clean water at home.
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