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A reverse osmosis water filter system can remove 96% of the impurities that water treatment plants add to the water to get it to your house. They put those additives in to protect their plumming. The chemicals they add, reduce algae growth,kill germs and bacteria. Before it hits the public. It can really make your tap water taste nasty. Reverse osmosis is one of the best ways to remove all that nasty taste and restore that fresh from that mountain creek, drinking pleasure. At your end of the pipeline. the government just says, reverse osmosis water "make it drinkable," they don't say make it tasty.
Did you ever think that drinking water from bottled water is getting ridiculously high priced. With that soaring price of all those plastic bottles Where is the green planet in all that. WE can, however, refill those bottles ourselves and recycle them.
Let's take a trip:
A family of four travels by SUV about 2000 miles. lets say,"Los Angeles to Chicago." They take four cases of bottled water(the 20 oz. size.) reverse osmosis water They save all the bottles, cause they are, (Concerned for the environment type of family.) They paid about $100 for that water. At their destination a family member they was visiting. Offers to refill all those bottles back up using a reverse osmosis drinking water system. For their trip back home. With I might add better tasting water then what they bought. The cost to refill those bottles would be around 2-5 dollars.
Fresh and pure drinking water should be the concern for everyone on the planet. Reverse osmosis or carbon filtration system. Can be best explained by how mother earth would Process the water. Lets take that same mountain stream. Most likely, the water came from rain or melting snow and got trapped in an underground chamber, then filters through the ground.
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