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baoji manufacturerPlatinum-plated titanium anode and technical parameters 查看更多商业新闻 >>
Platinum Titanium Insoluble AnodesThe anodes based on titanium metal have a mesh, a plate, a rod, a filament and a tube. The standard platinum layer has a thickness of 2-5 μm, and the platinum layer can have a thickness of 20 μm at a higher requirement. The service life of a platinized titanium anode depends on the working medium (electrolyte) and the current intensity (current density) of the anode. The current density should not exceed 75 A/dm2. Below this value, the wear of the platinum layer is small and the life of the anode can be estimated. As a rule of thumb, in a fluorine-free chromium plating bath, the wear of the platinum layer per million ampere-hours is about 1-4 grams. When the current density is higher than 75A/dm2 or a fluorine-containing electrolyte is used, we recommend using a platinum-plated tantalum anode (see Platinum-plated tantalum anode).technical parameter:
Base metal: Gr1, Gr2
Coated metal: Pt+X
Current density range: <5000A/M2
Platinum thickness 1~5um
Electrode shape: mesh, tube, rod, plate
Temperature range: <80°C
Fluoride ion content <50mg/L
Ph value 1-12
High corrosion resistance
High current efficiency
Long working life
After the electrode is inactive, the substrate can be repaired
High current density and high production efficiency
Light weight of the electrode
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