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How the ever-changing excavator saves lives 查看更多商业新闻 >>

How the ever-changing excavator saves lives I believe that when you mention the ever-changing excavators, everyone's first impression is the engineering role of digging, handling, and demolition. After all, the image of such a behemoth has been deeply ingrained in people's hearts, but in fact its role has also been quietly changed, and it has assumed more and more responsibilities in society.

In addition to seeing the ever-changing excavators at the site of daily construction projects, I believe that everyone will often see the huge figure of the ever-changing excavators at various rescue sites. They race against time for our rescue operations and for the lives of people. Do their best to save lives one by one.

The construction of Leishenshan Hospital during the epidemic at the beginning of 2020 brought the world's attention once again. However, there are hundreds of ever-changing excavators working around the clock, and the roar of the machines continues day and night, allowing our epidemic prevention. The unfolding so quickly allowed our patients to be treated as soon as possible and saved the happiness of countless families.

Although the ever-changing excavators have no flesh and blood and look so cold, they are so warm and reassuring when these situations arise. But no one remembered them, no one thanked them, and no one knew what these lovely big guys were.

Especially those big guys who have undergone major renovations with various excavator modified arms. After undergoing a series of "surgery" renovations, they walked out of the repair shop again to contribute their strength to this society.
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