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What is the function and difference of the high-efficiency skeleton bucket 查看更多商业新闻 >>

What is the function and difference of the high-efficiency skeleton bucket The high-efficiency skeleton buckett is a customized funnel designed for different work requirements based on the General Purpose bucket. It not only inherits all the advantages of the high-efficiency skeleton bucket, but also has greater strength and wear resistance, and its service life is greatly extended.

The high-efficiency skeleton bucket is generally composed of ear plates, wall plates, bottom plates, tooth king, tooth king board and other components.The bottom of the skeleton bucket is shaped like a "sieve", so it can also be called a "sieve fighting". Because of the separable thing, some people are used to calling it a funnel.

The density between the grids can be adjusted and customized according to the needs of customers, so as to meet the needs of the project.

It is suitable for excavation to separate looser materials, such as to clean up sludge or garbage in river channels, ponds, and to separate large rocks and gravel soil. Since excavation and separation can be completed at one time, people often use the high-efficiency skeleton bucket for mine ore screening and municipal, agricultural, forestry, water conservancy, earthwork and other construction projects.

Generally, large pieces of material are in the bucket, and small pieces of matter flow out of the grid. Take water and dirt as an example. The water flows away from the grid and the dirt stays in the high-efficiency skeleton bucket. This makes it easy to separate the water from the dirt. It also saves work time to the greatest extent and speeds up the work progress, which brings great convenience to the excavation work and improves efficiency.
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