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What to pay attention to about the extension arm Long Reach Boom Regarding the extended Long Reach Boom of the excavator, I believe that many people still have a lot of questions and want to know. Today, I will tell you some relevant precautions:

Precautions for product construction:

1. When the excavator is rotating, it must be 0.5 meters away from the ground.

2. When the bucket is inserted into the working medium, it cannot walk or rotate. c. The piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder cannot be extended to the end of the stroke, and a small safety distance should be kept.

3. Do not use the bucket as a pick, breaker or piling.

4. Do not use the extended Long Reach Boom to lift heavy objects.

5. For rocky ground, use other methods to break it before digging.

6. During transportation or excavation work, the extended Long Reach Boom shall not cause violent collision.

7. Use a bucket suitable for the digging capacity, and cannot use a bucket that exceeds or loads, which directly affects the service life of the excavator and the extension Long Reach Boom.

Common troubleshooting solutions:

1. If the large and small arm iron pipe suddenly bursts, you must put the arm down immediately, then remove the iron pipe, dry the position of the burst pipe, and then polish it with a sand mill and then weld it.

2. If the high pressure hose bursts, the arm must be lowered inside, and then the hose must be replaced.

3. If the pin is broken or bent, please replace it directly.

Daily product maintenance and maintenance:

1. Extend the large and small arms and beat butter at least twice a day. When working in muddy water, if the connecting pin of the working device is immersed in water, it must be cleaned and buttered after each completion. Before each operation, check whether the connection part of the working device is filled with butter. After adding butter each time, operate the boom, stick and bucket several times, and then add butter until the old butter is squeezed out.

2. When working in coastal areas or corrosive areas, thoroughly clean the entire machine after operation to remove salt, and add butter or engine oil where necessary to avoid corrosion. In cold winter operations, the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder must be returned to the cylinder barrel to prevent soil and water from sticking to the piston rod and damaging the sealing ring of the hydraulic cylinder.
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