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BLR/AW&BLR/AF- 58824 Sealed And Flanged Oil Separator 查看更多商业新闻 >>

BLR/AW&BLR/AF- 58824 Sealed And Flanged Oil Separator 				 				 				◆General intended purpose of Oil Separators is to separate oily discharge gases and ensure regular and correct recycling of oil to compressor’s case.
◆Oil separators are used in order to form high oil temperature and prevent migration of cooling liquid and gas, and separate cooling liquid in oil and taking out gas.
◆Buoy system passes through very accurate production process, and then its totally faultless operation is ensured through various tests.
◆Oil separator must be selected according to properties of compressor in use.
◆Oil separators must be used vertically between compressor and condenser.
◆Standard type oil separators are fairly easy to used because there is no replaceable parts.
◆These are more low-cost products compared to other types of oil separators.
◆Oil separators are mechanical product, and therefore they undergo fairly accurate production process.
◆Materials used in the product; buoy ball and ratchet, oil filter and separator, and valve pin are fully made of stainless material.
◆Oil return tube and buoy valve are made of brass material.

Connection Parts
◆We determined Input and Output connections according to volume of products
◆ODS connection is used in standard products.
◆ Different connection may be used upon reques

公司名: Hangzhou Refworld Mechanical & Electrical Industries Co., Ltd.
国家/地区: China
电话: 057487036969

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