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P25 / P25 (CE)

仕兴不断引进高精密度的自动化加工设备、且积极精确的制定品管制度、以提供客户可靠及高质量的产品。我们提供一贯高规格的磨刀机木材切断锯四面刨木机 (全罩式护罩)四面刨木机砂光机立轴机自动裁板机钻孔机裁板机封边机旋臂吊锯机集尘机带锯机作榫机直线纵锯机作榫机自动仿型边机单板薄片加工机仕兴机械工业股份有限公司致力于生产开发、仕兴亦重视与客户的沟通协调及服务质量确保所有客户皆能得到最优质的服务。如果您有这方面的需求,欢迎与我们连络!
Etc.P25 / P25 (CE)(裁板机)

OAV's Smart Panel Saw offers more than others.
It is outstanding for its cutting quality, capacity and flexibility in everyday use.
Where there is limited space and yet high quality requirements, OAV's Smart Panel Saw is ideal.

Strong outrigger and large support roller for smooth panel loading.
Miter fence for angle cutting.
Precise alloy extruded rip fence with high/low profile.
User-friendly scoring design for easy adjustment.
Overhead Guard (Optional)
The CE overhead guard is not only fascinating in its outer appearance but also with its powerful suction will keep the environment clean and make operation comfortable and easy

Sliding Table Dimension(LxD) 63 x 12-7/16" 1,600 x 316mm
Max. Sliding Stroke w / crosscut Fence 63" 1,600 mm.
Max. Sliding Stroke w / o crosscut Fence 74-7/8" 1,900 mm.
Table Height 74-7/8" 912
Table Size w/ext. wing 14-7/8" x 27" (40-1/8" x 47") W:377 mm. x D:688 mm.
(1,020 mm. x 1,193 mm)
Main Saw Max Saw Blade Diameter 10" 254 mm.
Saw Blade Arbor Dameter 5/8" (CSA) 30 mm. (CE)
Cutting Height at 90, 45o 3-1/8"/2-1/8" 80/57 mm.
Motor Power 3HP / 3PH 2.25KW / 3PH
(3HP /1PH, 5PH/ 3PH is as option) (2.25 KW/ 1PH/ 3.75KW/ 3PH is as option)
Spindle RPM 4,000 (Motor RPM 3600) 4,000 (Motor RPM 2875)
Scoring saw Saw Blade Diameter 3/1/8" 80 mm.
Saw Blade Arbor Dameter 7/8" 20 mm.
Cutting Height at 90, 45o 3/16", 3/32" 5 mm., 3 mm.
Spindle RPM 8.000 8.000
Ripping Width 33" 838 mm.
Crosscut Width 54",92- 1/2" 1,380mm./ 2,350 mm.
Blade Height Adjustment Manual
Blade Tilting Adjustment Manual, 0-45o
Electric Control System Magnetic Switch Magnetic Switch
Dust Collection System Main Channel 4" (100 mm.), Saw Blade Guard Extract 2-1/2" (60 mm.)
N.W./G.W., Measurement
195/240kgs / 1550x770x1100mm. - Machine
47/53kgs / 1720x430x280mm. -Sliding Table
Container Q' TY (20'/40') 18 / 36 Sets
Standard Accessories Extruded Profile Rip Fence
Sheet Metal Extension Table x 2PCS
One pc type Saw Blade Guard (orange)
Miter fance
Scoring Saw Blade
Saw Blade Hose Support Plate and Hose
Optional Main Saw Blade
Edge Shoe
Due to needs of continuous improvement, specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
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