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产品说明 :
This is not just a kids' toy – floating mats are great for adult too.
This pad is made up of marine grade foam – in applications such as off shore buoys – versus polyethylene used in pool noodles. 
Floating Mat is a mesh layer sandwiched inbetween the foam layers. This mesh prevents tears from occuring in the mat which will help to make it last a lifetime.
Anchor this mat down in your lake or to a dock using the included tether to prevent yourself and the mat from drifting away.
This floating pad is easy to handle. Also included are storage straps to hold the mat together when it is rolled up so you can store it in a smaller area when it's not being used.

Water Floating Mat Feature
√ Light in weight,easy to carry and non-toxic,tasteless,environmentally-friendly.
√ Color and thickness can be customized according to your requirements.
√ Playgrounds, swimming pools, or beaches all can be used.
√ It can be used by many people.
√ Easy carry it on holiday or go outside.
√ High quality xpe foam ,eco-friendly and free from extraneous odour give you and your friends a excellent experience.
√ Durable material can use more times.
√ The price depends on your customized product.

功能说明 :
Water Floating Mat Advantage

√ Patent certificate of this product,CE and EN71 certification
√ First one manufacturer in China
√ High quality(special closed cell foam),with high floation on water
√ Special crust processing on the surface of our floating mat
√ Much more abrasion proof and scratch resistant
√ Safe net to make the mat more strong and not easy to broken
√ Anchor system which can make the floating mat be used anywhere
√ Straps for mat to make it easier to store after roll up
√ Develop your own brand with printing your logo on mat,designing doing full print on mat
√ Handle bag to make the mat more easier to carry

our floating mat could be used ANYWHERE. Wherever you’re having a time on the BEACH, by side of a LAEK or a RIVER, or in the POOL at your backyard, you do not require any other floatation device or air (not inflatable – maui mat floats without the hassle of an air pump, NO PUNCHTURE worries); This big and durable aqua lily pad comes with a banding belt with buckle and heavy-duty MOORING DEVICE easily anchored your BOAT or DOCK; you just untie and throw it onto water, and enjoy
规格说明 :
350*183*3.5 cm
我的贸易条款及条件 :
原产国 :China
主要出口市场 :USA,Canada,Eourpe , Middle East
付款条件 :TT
最小订单量 :100  
交货时间 :10天
离岸港口 :qingdao

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