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产品说明 :
Soft, only to guard the growth of the baby, elasticity, only to guard the baby's happiness, high quality, just to accompany the baby every moment, good buffering performance, waterproof and easy to clean.

XPE Foam Baby Play & Crawl Mat Features:

Best Play & Crawl Mat for your Baby to use at Home, Outdoors, Picnic, Garden, Beach.

Packing way:
bulk package (each 40 or 50 pieces are packed together in a big woven bag)
individual PE bag (roll the play mat up, fix it with first and then pack with PE bag)
Indivudal nonwoven bag (same packing way as above, only bag material is different)
功能说明 :
Made from Premium Quality Environmental-Friendly XPE Foam Material.

5 Layered High-Density Mat is Extremely Soft, Reduces Fall Impact & is Extremely Safe for Your Baby / Child.

XPE Material is Waterproof, Non-absorbent, Scratch-proof, Non-flammable, Odourless, Anti-skid.

Extremely Easy to Wash, Wipe & Clean. Easy to Fold, Occupies Less Space, Easy to Store & Carry. The Mat has Attractive Prints on both the Sides.
Material: XPE foam
规格说明 :
Available size: 180*120cm, 180*150cm, 180*200cm
Thickness:1cm, 1.5cm and 2cm
我的贸易条款及条件 :
原产国 :China
主要出口市场 :USA,Canada,Eourpe , Middle East
付款条件 :TT
最小订单量 :100  
交货时间 :10天
离岸港口 :qingdao

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