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water floating mat

Size: 550*183*3.5cm; 450*180*3.5cm; 270*183*3.5cm; 270*90*3.5cm and etc. (L x W x H)

产品说明 :
Do you want to enjoy the fun on the water? BEST-TODAY water floating mat can bring you cool and laughter on a hot summer holiday. You can take it to water parks, swimming pools, lakes, beaches and the sea for water games, parties and other activities. It is made of 2 or 3 layers of eco-friendly XPE closed-cell foam, non-toxic, odorless, safety and health, It has strong buoyancy, no water absorption and no deformation, so it is very durable. And it is very easy to store and carry when rolled up, saving your space and convenient.
功能说明 :
1.Some other suppliers' water floating mats are made up of PE foam instead of XPE foam, these two materials look very similar but the cost and performance is quite different. Some water floating mat with 3 layers, using XPE for up and down layer but middle layer using PE foam. While all our water floating mats no matter 2layers or 3 layers, we use 100% high quality XPE closed-cell foam.
2.Some other suppliers' water floating mats don't have the layer of mesh which is the safety guarantee for the water floating mat. safety is the most important especially in water. We have the layer of mesh for every mat.
3. It can be used freestanding in any water area, like swimming pool, lake, ocean and etc. Unlike inflatable water mats, there is no need to inflate, without the hassle of an air pump.
4. It is very easy to storage, comes with nylon fastening straps to secure water floating mat when rolled up for easy transportation and storage.
规格说明 :
Material: XPE closed-cell foam
Color: Yellow + Blue; Orange + Green; Yellow + Green; Red + Blue and etc.
Size: 550*183*3.5cm; 450*180*3.5cm; 270*183*3.5cm; 270*90*3.5cm and etc. (L x W x H)
Weight: 4-16KG
Package: PE bag + carton for single packing; PE bag for bulk packing
OEM/ODM: Available
Delivery term: EX Works, FOB, CIF, CNF, DDU, DDP AND ETC
Delivery time: 7-20 working days
Payment term: ALL TT, 30% down payment, 70% paid before delivery.
100% LC at sight.
我的贸易条款及条件 :
原产国 :China
主要出口市场 :USA,Canada,Eourpe , Middle East
付款条件 :TT
最小订单量 :100  
交货时间 :10天
离岸港口 :qingdao

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